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Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Salam all.. (P/s - You may skip reading this post if you want.. ;)

For countless time, I sigh again.. Urgh! Hate myself for being that way. Oh well.. Life's like a roller-coaster ride, huh? There are times that we'll be in a good and bad mood. I guess, today would be a turn for a BAD mood to conquer my brain and all. Hehe.. Bunyi macam budak ni dah tak betul je, kan? ;D

Pic above. I like that a lot! Seriously it brings a BIG grin upon my face when I look at it. I took this pic last Sunday. Haha.. On my 'Fuh..!' day, today, this 4 boys 'accidentally' cheer me up..

From left: Aziz (my lil' cousin bro), Azrul (my youngest bro), Fariz (my nephew) and Izzat (my lil' cousin bro). They looked so HAPPY at that moment and I wish I could 'steal' the happy aura from them to 'fix' my emo level today.. Ceh..

I've had a quite 'challenging + lunatic' day (today). As a result, a bucket of unpleasant things to be considered is messing up my mind right now. Then suddenly I heard a voice within saying that, "Hey.. Bukan senang nak senang, kan? Sabar.. InsyaAllah, He'll help.."

I freezed and no words coming out from my lips, the 'usually-a-talking-machine'.. Betullah.. Kena sabar.. Banyak2!
I feel bad today 'cause I lost my guitar pick (I love that pick a lot!), one of my guitar strings terputus pulak (gila geram!), tired, 'some' thing came up (heh.. tak perlu cakaplah..), big headache and I lost my WALLET! (part yang best, bila dah nangis2, peluh2 mencari, that wallet tiba2 muncul dengan 'magic'nya..) Dahlah time tu tengah nak bayar sesuatu kat kaunter! Tebalkan muka and run! Ceh! *mangk_k tingkat mana yang nak buat PRANKS ni, huh? Ish.. Nak beli punching bag sekarang jugak..!
Err.. Excuse this loony post, you guys.. My brain is kinda lack of oxygen and teh ice now.. Heh.. That's why jadi macam ni.. ;p


  1. chill~
    jgn stress2...
    everythin' gonna be fine...:D

  2. Yeah, You're right..

    InsyaAllah.. Everything's gonna be alrite kalau, kita chill.. Hehe..

    Thanks, Mr. MG.. Betul2 thanks.. :)


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