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Friday, January 16, 2009

They Won.. But I Slept..

15th Jan 2009, at old Trafford. There was a game between ManU against Wigan Athletic.

During the first half time..

My eyes were still widely open and so did my mouth.. Hehe.. Macam biasalah, pot-pet-pot-pet in front of the tv. Belum pun sempat tarik nafas, si Rooney dah sumbatkan satu goal! Weehaa! It happened so FAST! And that goal may be considered as the earliest goal ever in this season match! Cool, huh?

Then, I started to feel that the time went so slow. Mata pun dah kuyu layu. Game tak habis lagi ni. Si Rooney dah keluar and Tevez replaced him. Ceh! Bila nak habis ni? Perasaan bila tengok game kali ni tak berapa cuak sangat like I felt during the last game against Chelsea. Haha.. Bukannya apa.. Sebab dah awal2 buat prediction yang ManU will win this game.. Hehe..
During the 2nd half time..
Okay! Dah sampai Old Trafford.. Pergi ambik chewing gum from Alex Ferguson kejap..
P/s 1 - The RED colour sentence means that I've a lready slept at that moment.. Heh! Leaving the tv on and a loud snore in the sofa.. Tertidur daa.. Ceh!
P/s 2 - ManU menang and currently in 2nd place! Yay3!


  1. pun kes penyakit mengantok gak la takpe..they all menang..Red is Great la bro!!!

  2. Huhu.. Memang kes mengantok yang tahap kronik.. Hehe.. Yeah! ManU aka The Reds memang GREAT! =P


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