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Sunday, May 17, 2009

3 Cups In The Bag!

Since a few days before, I've been thinking about it. Since yesterday, I can't resist the nervousness. Plus, I'm having this terrible toothache + a headache. Ugh.. It's all because of this one particular thing. The Barclays Cup and a match between Arsenal, again.. Ceh.. Tiba2 pulak teringat kat Sayor Adebayor! Hehehe..

Anyway, at exactly 7.40 p.m (M'sia time) today, I sat on my favourite spot which was actually way too in front of the tv. Hehe.. Gila, kan? With a small pillow in my hand. Held it firmly so that it'll be easier for me to cover up my 'bising + kecoh + tak reti duduk diam' punya mulut. Hahaha.. Seriously, I can be very NOISY gila when I'm watching football. Hehehe..
And yeah, at first.. I saw the player list and a BIG smile popped out automatically. They're like Fergie's *first choice of ManU players. There were Rooney, Tevez and Ronaldo as the important ones to contribute goals. Goalie, like usual.. Uncle Edwin Van Der Sar kita yang selalu main ikut suka hati angin kus-kus dia. Midfielders like Giggs, Carrick and Fletcher. And no doubt, they're totally cool with this position. Defenders were my 'manja', Nemanja Vidic, Evans, Evra and O'Shea. And guess what.. Dalam banyak2 defender ManU, rasa nak sekeh2 je si O'Shea ni. Ugh! Dia main ke tak main ke, serupa macam takde je kat atas padang tu. Pemalas macam Berbat.. Ehem.. Oh ye, lupa nak action.. Nasib baik, Berbatov tak main! Hahahaha.. (*senyum extra lebar ni!)
Actually, kan.. Malas sebenarnya nak buat report pasal game tadi. Ceh! Ceh! Ceh! Langsung takde goal.. And the way they played like.. Ugh.. Tak nak cakap! Buat sakit tekak je menjerit-jerit tak ingat dunia tadi. Habuk pun tarak! ManU 0 + Arsenal 0 jugak. Huhu.. But the sarcastic part appeared when most of Arsenal players dapat buah tangan dari Old Trafford. It's the YELLOW CARD. Haa.. Tulah.. Cara main kurang kasih sayang sangat. Fabregas, Song, Nasri, Persie dan entah siapa2 lagilah.. Nah! Ambik YELLOW CARD tu buat kenang-kenangan. Hehehe.. Terjahatlah pulak! Huhu.. ;p
Hmm.. Eventhough that the game didn't come out with any goal from both team, but ManU was considered as the WINNER! Hahaha.. The Barclays Cup is ours! Huhuhu.. *hi-5 sikit! :D
This victory is their total top flight league wins to 18! Huhu.. Best, kan? Conclusion, ManU will add up this Premier League Cup to the League Cup and World Cup they have already won this season. Hohoho.. Now the next and major target would be the Champions League crown and that will put Barcelona to be against with on this coming 27th May, Rome.
But for now, let's party with the Barclays Cup, shall we? Huhu..
"Glory2 Man Utd. As the Reds go marching on.. on.. on..!"

To my ManU buddies..
*hi-5 sikit! Oh.. Kali ni tak nak 5, nak 10! Haha.. *hi-10 sikit! Yay3! :D


  1. hi5!.. haha congratulations to us & Man u..

  2. Mr. Bulan & Ms. Puspa - Hehe.. *hi-5! :D

  3. da terlambat jer nih...
    arh..pedulik...gimme 10 jugakk...yeah!

    can't wait for the final...hehh...

  4. Mr. MG - Mana lambat lagi.. Huhu.. *slap hi-10 balik! Hahaha..

    Tak sabar jugak nak tengok final ni! Hehehe.. :p


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