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Monday, May 11, 2009

Manchester VS Manchester

Salam + a BIG smile to all.. :)
Well, the title says it all.. Today, there's a battle between 2 Manchester clubs and obviously this tuan punya blog will talk about her Manchester not the other Manchester. Hahaha.. So, let's try not to feel confused here, alrite.. ;p
Okay.. Here's a short recap about the game which started quite early, 8.30 p.m (M'sia time). Both Manchester players boosted up their energy and like usual my mouth has yet started to 'membebel' level minimum. Sebab? Berbatov si *mangk_k ayun ada kat padang! Ceh..
Players.. The 'otai' Giggs became the captain of the match where he was accompanied by Edwin Van Der Sar as his goalie. Other 'Red Devils' to be mentioned here are my 'manja' Vidic, Rafael, Evans, Fletcher, Evra, Park, Tevez, Ronaldo, and *mangk_k ayun Berbatov. Dan macam biasa jugak, don't let me describe further on how that Berbatov played. Ugh.. Geram je bila Ayah sengaja naikkan saham mamat tu. Konon ada hidden skills lah.. itulah.. inilah.. Cheit!
Oho.. Let's stop mumbling about that.. Manchester's first goal was contributed by Ronaldo via a free kick! Woohoo! Angle cun! Exactly at the minute of 18. And guess what? That goal was officially stated as his 18th goal in 2009! Lucky number 18, huh.. Huhu.. (Nes.. I know you're happy for him right now! Hehe..)
Another Manchester.. Cara main agak kurang kasih sayang. Pushing and pulling the other Manchester players here and there. Especially si lembik Berbatov. Asyik terjatuh je.. Ceh! (*Sebenarnya dalam hati, "Padan muka Berbatov sebab selalu terjatuh!") Hehe.. Entah kenapa tuan punya blog ni anti dengan mamat tu dari dulu.. Ish2.. And oh, Robinho memang bikin cuak! Ugh.. ;p
45 minutes before the game stopped for its 1st half time break, Tevez attacked the ball into the goal! Yeah! Thanks to the TIANG goal actually because the ball was kinda bounced before it touches the net. Weehaa! Kesian tengok mamat ni. Main sungguh2 for Manchester but still kontrak tak confirm2 lagi.. Alahai.. Please stay, Tevez! Huhu..
During the 2nd half time, several things happened where the ref waved the YELLOW cards to both Manchester players like Darren Fletcher and Stephen Ireland. Huhu.. Fletcher, sila buat collection card merah and yellow yeah! Hihi..
Time of confusion.. Ronaldo stood up at the side of the field and I predict that he had been asked by Alex Ferguson to be replaced by 'otai' Scholes. Huh? Kenapa2.. Tak faham betul part ni. Poor Ronaldo.. Marah level kronik dia time tu. And at the same time, Rooney entered the field and O'Shea went in to replace Evan's position. Hoho.. Suka hati koranglah.. ;p
Lastly, the result appeared to let the Manchester walked home with a victory of 2 goals! Huhuhu.. While the other Manchester, err.. Diorang pun balik rumah jugaklah! Hehehe..
Manchester won, okay! Not the other Manchester. It's the other Manchester! Ek..? Confused.. Takpe.. Refer to the logo shown below. Hmm.. Manchester apa tu eh? Manchester Cit.. Ek, bukan2..
Kihkihkih.. So, apa tunggu lagi? Macam biasalah.. *hi-5 sikit! Hehe.. :)


  1. haha... Man city ada hati nak vs Man u?
    haha.. see the result? haha.. HI5!!!

  2. x pe. Janji ManU menang lagi. Wieehaa!

  3. Mr. Bulans - Huhu.. Tulah pasal! Kekekek.. Manchester VS Manchester. Yang ada 'united' je kita kasi *hi-5 sikit! ;p

    Chiko - Yay3! :D

  4. my poor baby. nasib baik fergie kata he's okay dengan Ronaldo. otherwise, Ronnie would be in deep trouble. remember the three prima donnas? becks, nistelrooy and (i forgot the other one). mess with fergie = digging your own grave.

  5. Nes - Huhu.. That's exactly my point.. I was so worried that he's going to repeat the 'Don't-Mess-With-Fergie' saga! Phew.. :)


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