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Friday, May 29, 2009

Ugh.. Come On You, !@#$%^&*()!!

Hey, YOU and YOU and YOU!

What makes YOU think that YOU and YOU and YOU have the right to say a word about OUR thing, huh? Ugh.. Come on.. Please wake up like what WE are doing here. WE accept the DECISION with full respect as it was made clearly and fairly. It's just a GAME anyway. The BALL is sphere (if you still don't know-lah). YOU and YOU and YOU can't expect or predict on what should be happening when the sphere thing is being kicked, spinned and headed. Anything can happen. The issue here is.. WE never expand the THING and BRAG about it like YOU and YOU and YOU did. Hey, YOU and YOU and YOU.. One question, do YOU and YOU and YOU at least have TOUCHED any shining CUPS yet in this particular season? So far..? Zero, ey? Pfft..

At least, WE did! Not one.. Not two.. But THREE! Outta FIVE cups.. What more can WE ask for?

No matter what kind of circumstances that WE are facing, at least, WE still pay our 100% loyalty towards OUR team. Win or lose is just a statement. Most important thing WE are LOYAL.
Again, I'm saying this to YOU and YOU and YOU.. Especially for those who have called, smssed, buzzed me thru ym, fb, blog or else within this ONE WHOLE DAY.. Thanks for makin' my 'lau yah' handphone hanged / jammed with your 'takziah' aka 'happy condolences'..
Takpe, tuan punya badan dah OKAY.. Emo level yang jatuh merudum semalam sudah pun 'dibaiki'.. Credits to mamak favourite for makin' me 3 glasses of HEAVEN teh ais, 2 bungkus nasi lemak, 2 keping roti telur and 1 keping roti canai 'banjir'. Oh.. Terlupa pulak nak mention papadom HEAVEN yang penuh semangkuk. Benda2 itu semua telah berjaya meredakan emo level tuan punya blog semalam.. :)
Okay.. Gotta go.. Nak pergi lap dan kilatkan lagi cup2 yang berlambak-lambak kat dalam hall of OUR cups tu. Tak tahu mana lagi nak letak.. Banyak sangat! Setakat satu dua, better simpan je dalam plastik. Ikat pulak dengan getah tempe..! Hehehehe..
*p/s - 1st time tuan punya Blogxygen post entry level separa sarcastic kat sini. Huhu.. Apa boleh buat.. Banyak sangat 'kenalan' pak cik + mak cik yang bukan 'Red Devils' mahupun 'Belasahlona' yang condemmed tak henti2 dari semalam. Ceh.. Sekali-sekala nak BURST OUT.. Takpe je, kan! Huhu.. ;D
To all my ManU buddies.. We've done GREAT! *hi5 x 100! :D


  1. true! i second you, totally! there are non-barca fans who insult us the Reds. you see how cool is that? their supported clubs didn't even make it to the final, yet there they are, insulting us whom AT LEAST made it. how pathetic! i'm dying to kill these ridiculous so-called barca supporters, really!


  2. stand in front of u,salute to u...that azrin i knew

    i 100% not into football,but if u ask me which team is the greatest,i would say MU...well at least im support MU coz i believe!!!

  3. Bro Brad - Hehe.. It's better to avoid the crazy emo of football from now.. Haha.. Don't try to get involve or else you'll end up being as loony as me here.. Huhu..

    And oh.. Thanks for supporting ManU! Yay! :D


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