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Monday, October 26, 2009

Don't Play2..

Since I left school, I also got my moments of debate left behind. But today, I've recollected that skills back. However, the debate session was done differently from its original style (orally) this time as I've been forced to debate via fb. (Well.. It isn't that bad, I guess. Cuma jari2 ni jenuh je nak patuk si keyboard ni ha..) :D

Dah terbiasa dengan keadaan ni bila ManU kecundang dalam satu2 game. It's pretty unfair to say that we've lost MANY MANY times but bila cuma 'sekali-dua' tu datang, hmm.. Kena-lah bersiap-sedia dengan segala macam 'lembing-peluru-cota-laser' dan apa2 saje-lah dari supporter2 club football yang lain. Or let's say 'mereka2' yang indeed, jealous dengan ke'TOP'an dan ke'TERROR'an Manchester United. Huhu..

Dan tadi, tuan punya blog dipanggil untuk berdebat melalui 'buku-muka'.. (*please ignore the typo involved in these sessions. Biasalah, kalau hati tengah hot berapi-api then ada orang saje 'tumpah'kan minyak lagi, hmm.. Dah tak fikir dah pasal typo2 ni! Huhuhu.. )

First session..

Status 'AA' (me) - !@#$%^&*()_+

Fan Chelsea reply - Hahahaha.. Jgn emo~

'AA' reply
- (-.-)*sleeping

Second session..

Fan Liverpool (tulis di Wall 'AA') - liverpool rocks....pi lah man u....3 times in a row we crushed cum ripped u guys apart

'AA' reply
- We planned to save Rafa.. And we did it succesfully..
And oh.. We've ripped apart, huh? Wanna tell more why we were kissing the Barclays Cup if Liv have won 3 times in a row last season? ManU supporters are all rational and we so accept the fact of being lost openly. And you're talking to one of 'em.. Thanks.. G'nite.. :)

Dan mamat Liverpool ni senyap tanpa sebarang reply.. Huhu..

Third session..

Fan Chelsea yang lain (tulis di Wall 'AA') - WELL HOW BOUT CHELSEA THEN? c mon lah we r back to the top of the table huh

'AA' reply
- Oh well.. That wasn't really an 'awesome' way to say 'HI' to a long-lost-contact-friend, isn't it? Hahaha..
Anyway, well yeah.. That particular table isn't valid as time passes by. These things are goin' up and down non-stop till the finals come. Well.. It's way too early to say that the Blues WILL stay on TOP, ey? Ball is sphere, isn't a circle. Anything can happen as it rolls.. Like my quote, dude? (*wink)..

Fan Chelsea reply
ya... but this one... its up for the blues to lose...tink man u are gona hv the blues.... selling ronaldo... buying valencia is definitely gonna be the real sucker punch for red devils... i m not saying chelsea are great but its our destiny to win this time... believe in hype do you? believe it cz whether the ball is sphere or a circle a simple beach ball at the park could prove a big difference afterall.....hahahahah....
ballack rockz

'AA' reply
- LOL.. What's past is past.. The issue of selling Ron and buying Valencia is totally an oudated one to be debated here, I guess.
Oh well.. If the Blues are so insist to fill up their cupboard with this season Barclays Cup instead of getting sick of the spiderwebs in it, ManU will consider your plead.. And ops.. Ballack rocks? I don't mind having you here to cheer for that dude. I'm not really a HUGE fan of him.. Hehehe.. Have it your way, then.. G'nite Ancelotti II :D

Fan Chelsea (separuh penat) reply
- k chow then dun cry mrs.vidic ....... u wont be able to see ur husband play for a game or two... atleast ballack has been to the world cup and eupopean championship finals eventhough...he dint win it...i admit

'AA' reply
- Ahaha.. What's the point of those 'being-to' this and that cup thingies if you didn't even win one of 'em, right? Less fun-lah macam tu, kan..? Do bare in mind that I was a debator like you too.. Haha..

Fan Chelsea (dah penat) reply
- k tc 'AA' n i ws joking k.... nice to see argue like that..hahaha k gd nite fren

Rest his case. Ingatkan mamat ni dah penat. Lepas tu dia sempat je sambung hal lain pulak!

Last session..

Fan Chelsea (tak penat2 lagi cari pasal dan tulis di Wall 'AA') - by da way ur husband got a red card...hahaha

'AA' reply
- Haha.. It was indeed my idea too. I asked him to get it as we can spend more quality time together during the suspension time. Woo.. It sure sounds good to me! :D

Fan Chelsea
- does he do that to you all the time.... sliding and make you fall and the get the ball out from your legs.... oh u wil be grimming in pain...hahahahahaha

'AA' reply
- Woo.. Are you trying to reveal our 'little' secret recipe now after being tired to debate more about football? Hahaha.. Jangan risau-lah. You're friend here is a 'tough' one. (*wink)

Dan fan Chelsea ni senyap sesenyapnya tanpa sebarang balasan.. Huhu.. ;p


  1. Way to go, teh ais addict! Love your of way of defence, by the way... Polite but firm! Muahaha.. (",)v

  2. hahaha..
    when THEY say man utd are juz a bunch of old guys,
    my reply,
    'dats y i heart man utd.. they're more MATURE, more EXPERIENCES.. they sure know all the right TECHNIQUES.. tho' their STAMINA not as strong as those "anak2 ikan" (especially arsengal's players), but they sure know how to PLEASE in the end (3rows league champs)...' (sounds naughty huh?.. hehehe..)

    kinda disappointed a bit..
    terasa kot a bit without ronaldo..
    berba as a striker utk 1st team really.. urm.. no "fun"..
    ferguson really need to find sumone who's fast enuff to replace ronaldo..
    and owen.. well.. he's still owen nwy..
    juz my opinion.. ;)

  3. Guest - Ahaha.. Thanks anyway but yeah I guess these persons've messed with the wrong girl and I had to be extra sarcastic in that case. Huhu..

  4. Ms. Choco - Ahahaha.. Best! Eleh.. They thought kita ni fan cap tak loyal ke? Bila kalah sekali dah terus tak nak support lagi dah? Huhu.. That ain't a style of a RED DEVIL, kan! Hahaha.. Eleh.. Diorang ejek player kita TUA? Cheit! Thanks for the defence. Cayalah! Haha..

    Yeah.. Since Ron left us, ada-lah sikit 'slow' game kita ni haa.. Tapi takpe.. We're still the BEST! Haha.. And oh.. FYI, kan.. I memang dari dulu tak suka Berbatov. Tak pernah! Hahaha.. And I'm sure y'know why.. *hug

  5. nwy,
    looking forward for David Villa and David Silva from Valencia..
    ferguson seems eager to spend money man utd got from real madrid to get new players from Spain..
    hopefully xkalah la dgn liv home game like last season.. T__T
    berba will always be berba...
    hahahaha.... ;)

  6. way to go oxy... yeah hate those facebook comments... time united menang piala sunyi sepi laks semua..

    one of my response from fesbuk:
    "even 100% klu klh x guna" <--- btl la tuh. sama jgk btl yg kalo mng game nih tp x mng piala pon x guna.
    FACTS=19 thn tanpa mng league.... 4 tahun tanpa mng apa2 piala pon...
    ibarat pecut 100meter.... mng time saringan tp final x dpt pingat... man utd kalah saringan tp mng pingat emas

  7. Ms. Choco - Oho.. Really? Fergie wants to buy players from Spain? Woo.. Haha.. Okay juga tu.. Yeah.. Hope that one day (perhaps during ou next match against Liv) we'll shout 'Hooray' for the victory gained, kan? Amin! Hahaha..

    And oh.. Memang.. Berba will always be Berba. PEMALAS! Hahaha.. *hug :D

  8. Mr. Asrap - Ahaha.. Thanks for joining the 'crazy-chat-about-football' that we're havin' here.. Huhu.. And oh.. Welcome to my 'lau yah' blog, by the way.. :D

    Yeah.. I LIKE YOUR FACT! So true! Takpe.. Let 'em be.. Biasalah tu. They'll yell like there's no tomorrow for their 'temporay' victory, kan? Huhu.. ManU pun selalu je buat perangai macam ni. Kalah during saringan but (InsyaAllah) when it comes to finals, ada rezeki, kita yang 'kiss' cup2 tu, kan? Haha.. :D *hi-5 sikit!


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