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Tuesday, October 20, 2009


(A picture of a 'Kedai Sesak' that I went to last month. Just to buy paint. Hehe.. Crowded, kan!?)
This time, you better skip reading this post before it's too late 'cause tuan punya blog is planning to whine, rant and ramble all the way long starting from this moment. Heh.. :)
I had a 'ting-tong' day, today. Putting yourself in a 'messed-up' situation isn't a nice thing, really. The brain is 'switching' to a sappy + crowdy + and yet, 'ting-tong' mode. Ugh.. To make it short, this 'otak' of mine is 'dealing-till-pening' with all sorts of matter! Macam2 benda. Exactly as pictured in the photo above.
*sigh.. Yeah, I know.. There's no point for me to 'vomit' all of these rant here and let others to feel the bore while reading 'em but at least, by doing this I could save some 'peace-spaces' in my mind.
A new 'phase' of life has started. And yet, facing with something new and you're not familiar with, isn't a pleasure. Dalam hati selalu cakap yang "I couldn't do this." And people around will start to say "Takpe, mesti boleh. Cuba lagi." Then, for a sec, I can take a deep breath of relief. Sekurang-kurangnya, they're supporting you from the back. Terima kasih untuk itu! :)
Tapi, kan.. Thing's are easier said than done. *sigh
P/s - I wish I could 'kidnap' Suganti now from India thru Skype! Need a pal's shoulder tonight.. :'(
(*Salam takziah untuk family Fara atas kehilangan bapa tersayang (Daddy Long) tempoh hari. Semoga roh beliau dicucuri rahmat. Al-Fatihah..)
~Ya Allah.. Kau berikanlah ku kesabaran dan semangat untuk lalui cabaran hidup ini. Amin..~


  1. Oxy ni kena la arrange benda2 kt fikiran tu,klu masalah gan gitar boyfren tu '1st thing 1st'(mcm haire plak ye)

    order le teh ais yg ada bubble,bubble tu represent oxygen(sokongan)kitorang ye!!!

  2. Hehe.. Thanks for your concern, Brad.. Really appreciate it.. Hehe.. Yeah, I guess I was too tired yesterday that made me feel so tensed and think too much.. Anyway, I'm OKAY now! Huhu.. *peace! :D


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