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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Parley

Can't think straight today
There's a 'boredom' moment that I've gotta pay
Outta my mind for a minute, I guess, to create this 'entah-pape' lay
But, why the sudden change, ey?
This morning I was okay
Same condition during the midday
As usual I'll eat, sleep and play
I did things in the same safe way
But it seemed to be extra un-easy
Can't really afford to cope with today's life medley
Ugh.. It's official now to say
Me and I should have a proper parley
And discuss more on how to deal with a world of plenary
Yeah, I guess, you guys'll be like.. "Aha, budak Oxy ni dah crazy.."
(*tak faham, takpe.. Hihihi..)
I think it'll be just nice to use this kinda of cliche
A cliche to be defined by my own self
Just me, alone who can understand on what did I portray
But for those who may
Get the points that I tried to convey?
Oh well.. Nevertheless I shall say
I mean, in a more normal way
I just didn't feel THAT okay
Only for today..
*The 'messed-up-day-of-mine' is doing its repetition today.. Haish.. Teh ais, please! :'(

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