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Sunday, October 18, 2009


(Van Der Sar's 1st appearance for this season after his long break due to some injuries.. Sempat pulak pak cik goalie ni terlepas satu goal yang dicuri oleh player Bolton! Cheit!)
Just finished watching the game between ManU against Bolton. Phew.. A great relief when Owen and Valencia (so-called as 'freshies' in ManU team starting from this very season) scored goals! Huhu.. It was Valencia's 1st goal contribution for ManU too. Macam tulah kalau nak jadi part of ManU team, kan. Haa.. Boleh 'FedEx'-kan teh ais kat mamat ni esok as a 'reward'! Ecece.. :p
Haila.. Si 'manja' tuan punya blog, Nemanja Vidic tak main pulak hari ni. Ceh.. Nampaknya, terpaksalah tengok si Ferdinand malas tu jadi defender! Geram je kat mamat satu ni. Style defend macam malas level kronik je! Ee.. Nasib baik dia jauh kat UK sana, kalau tak.. Mesti esok dia makan pizza pakai straw! ;/
Whatever it is.. It's a glory for us tonight. Yay! And oh.. Siapa kata kalau Rooney tak main, ManU tak boleh menang? Huhu..
P/s - 'Condolence' to those who shouted and screamed their lungs out in front of the TVs for Liver'ehem' + Chels'ehem.. Hekhekhek..
Not trying to be mean and extra sarcastic here but here's a wish to Karthik Subra, my good buddy and supporter of Liver'ehem'.. I wish you're having a super-duper GREAT Deepa night, macha! Hehehehehehe.. :P


  1. hehehe...
    gud one...
    keep me posted..
    i dun hv astro ere in my place..
    bummer... haha.. ^^v

  2. Hehe.. Thanks for viewing this 'lau yah' blog, Ms. Choco.. Appreciate your time.. :D

    And oh.. InsyaAllah kalau ada free time, I'll update about ManU games.. Huhu.. *peace! :)


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