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Thursday, October 15, 2009

'He' Is Macho!

I'm drooling while staring at this macho 'dude'. Ugh.. The shape, the colour and not to forget about 'his' headstock and machine heads. Coolio habis! 'His' name is Black Asquire. Haduh.. Can't resist the temptations to touch it and feel the strings during my first glance towards 'him'! Ecece.. Macam drama jiwang-bawang pulak! Ugh.. Tu belum masuk part sounds produced by 'him' lagi! Once it's connected to the amp, fuyoh! Boleh pengsan.. Hehe.. (*Sounds cheezy je tuan punya blog ni! Heh..)
It's actually belongs to my cousin bro. That day, he came to my house and showed this 'macho dude' to me. Eleh.. Sengaja je budak tu nak naikkan level jealous cousin sis dia tu! Huhu.. But I'm glad he did that as I would've the chance to 'goreng2' sikit benda tu. Yelah, kan.. All this while I've been 'dating' dengan acoustic guitar je. Mana pernah 'try' electric guitar macam ni, LIVE. Huhu.. Bila dah cuba, the feeling was like, 'coolio'-lah.. Hehe.. But nevertheless, I think I'll just stick to my 'root'. Usually, some female guitarists tend to be more on acoustic guitars compared to electric guitars. Tak tahulah.. I guess, it's all according to their likings-lah. But then, as for me, I'll go for acoustic guitar. Haha.. Merajuk pulak guitar kapok kat dalam bilik tu nanti! Huhu..
P/s to the owner of that Black Asquire yang berkilat-kilat tu! - Cheit! Kalau pasal electric2 guitar ni, memang-lah tuan punya blog ada sikit 'failure'. Tapi, kalau nak 'bertarung' dalam Guitar Hero, jangan-lah segan2 ye! Haha.. And oh.. Guitar Hero (The Beatles ada tak?) Woo.. ;O


  1. yelah,u leh la peluk gitar tu mase cousin u dtg lg...nk dating gan gitar kt luar pun no problem kan!leh lg cium kt gitar tu...hahaks


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