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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Still I Wonder Why It Is..

Like A Star by Corrine Bailey Rae
Just like a star acrossed my sky
Just like an angel of the page

You have appeared to my life

Feel like I'll never be the same

Just like a song in my heart

Just like oil on my hands

Honour to love you..
Still I wonder why it is

I don't argue like this

With anyone but you

We do it all the time

Blowin' out my mind..
You've got this look I can't describe

You make me feel I'm alive

When everything else is au feit

Without a doubt you're on my side

Heaven has been away too long

Can't find the words to write this song of your love..
I have come to understand the way it is

It's not a secret anymore

'Cause we've been through that before

From tonight I know that you're the only one

I've been confused than in the dark

Now I understand..
*And she's melting.. In a way.. :)


  1. i love this song! in fact..i love corrine bailey rae..soothing..sometimes a bit melancholy too. .my fave: put your records on and trouble sleeping . .

  2. Yeah.. Me too! I just love her.. Hehe.. All of her songs are my fav actually. Glad that you like Corrine too! Huhu.. *hi-5 sikit for that! Hehehe.. :D


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