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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Top Up!

ManU vs Inter Milan
What about..
ManU vs Liverpool?
Ugh..! Can't wait for the really really really BIG game! As for it, the REDS has to do some 'top up' thingy to defeat the 'not-so-top-Liverpool' to be at the top! Ops.. Sorry.. Hihi.. Top up the energy, top up the spirit and top up everything. As for me, I'll get ready as well.. I'll save my voice to shout out loud for the game. I'll save my energy to jump around for the game. And I'll 'tapau' some teh ais from the mamak for the game! And oh.. Don't forget about the 'papadom'! Huhu..
To all my ManU buddies.. You guys have to get ready jugak! Hahaha.. ;p
P/s.. To my 'manja', Nemanja Vidic aka kepala ferum.. Please top up the ferum powder in your head. Kalau you takde, siapa pulak yang nak 'tanduk' bola masuk straight ke dalam goal? Kan? Hehehe.. Don't forget ar! Kalau tak cukup ferum powder, meh sini datang rumah. Cecececece.. ;p


  1. Hehehe.. Good2!!!

    P/s: Nervous sebenarnya ni! Hehehehe.. ;p

  2. vidic gaduh ngan awk eh? sbb tu dia lepas kan bola.kasi tores gol kan. ...


  3. Ms. Puspa - Hahaha.. Tulah pasal! Sape suruh dia tak minta maaf balik. Dah suruh dia datang rumah ambik ferum powder lagi! Ceh.. Dia tu memang degil! Argh!!!! ;p


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