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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

We'll Always Love You!

12th November 2008..
A cute little boy turns 5 this year..
Before I type this post, I was thinking..
Should I or shouldn't I..
Wishing this little dude a 'Happy 5th Birthday'..
I just don't know..
Here.. Right here..
We all love this 'naughty' boy..
So much!
Or shall I say, we all used to love him..
So much!
But, Allah s.w.t loves him more..
He left us to be with Him on 25th June 2007..
The rest of us here..
Seems to be like a non-complete jigsaw puzzle..
As we've lost the missing 'piece'..
But, he's here with us..
Every minute..
Every second..
In the best place ever!
In our hearts..
There lives a boy named, Allahyarham Zarith Armani Bin Zaili..
A son, a 'naughty' brother and a beloved person in our lives..

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