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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Cough + Headache = Fever

(Above - A photo courtesy from Natalie & Mia. Thanks for letting me use your photo! =p)
First day.. Headache..
Second day.. Headache + Fever..
Third day.. Headache + Fever + Cough..
Hehe.. After a long while since I had all these penyakit (Hehe.. Tak kronik pun..) Now, they attack me again. Huhu..
Maybe it's because of the weather nowadays or..
2 glasses of teh ais?
Overload, perhaps?!
Huhu.. Never!
(Psst.. Teh ais, 'tatap' di hati! Hehe..)
Maybe.. it has come to my turn to have these cough + headache + fever..
Allah s.w.t nak 'denda' kejap.. ;D
Nak reducekan dosa2 kecil..
3 tablets of Panandol (paracetamol)
(Ehem.. Jangan sesekali ikut sukatan 'gila' ni! Kuikuikui.. It's meant for someone yang lunatic teh ais je!)
Opss.. Another way for me to cure cough, headache and fever..
Teh ais! Eh.. tak..
Minta2 Allah cepat sihatkan tuan punya badan ni..

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