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Sunday, November 9, 2008


Yesterday, I went to Sg. Buloh.. To my Uncle's house to be exact. There, I was having a gorgeous time as I did a lil' gorgeous activities. It's not that gorgeouslah but to me, it is gorgeous! Hehe..
It was a gorgeous evening of the week, yesterday. The sky looked so gorgeous with its cotton-candy-like-clouds. The birds? Uh oh.. They were not that gorgeous for the never-ever-gorgeous thing that they have done to my Ayah's car! Huhu.. So, after I filled my tummy with my Aunt's extra-unordinary-iced-milo (Hehe.. Thanks, Ma!) I asked my lil' cousin brother to borrow me his bicycle. He said 'okay' plus a-double-nod. Huhu.. YES! (Thanks, Azam!)
It's been a while since my last bicycle ride, but hey.. I still got the skills permanently flow in my DNA! Hehe.. (Like it is so hard to ride a bike, huh..) I rode the bike happily with an intro song, Put Your Records On by Corrine Bailey Rae. Felt like I was doing the MV for that song like Corrine did for this song! Huhu.. Perasan! (You can listen to this song in the Jukeboxygen available on your left)
I sang along the way. I can't hear a thing but Corrine's voice and her guitar plucking as my ears were clogged with the earphones. Even if there was a car or a dog horning and barking on me, I just.. lalalalala.. all the way! Hehe.. And while riding the bike around a not-too-gorgeous-lake available there in the neighbourhood, I snapped some photos of the scenery.
I stopped my bike several times by the roadside and I clicked my camera here and there! Check them out..

Okay, they were the best shots so far.. Heh.. And it's up to y'all to decide whether each and every one of these are gorgeous or not.. Well, as I've rated my own self as a mere and 'hentam-punya' photographer! Huhu.. Still learning.. Still learning.. (*wink)

Anyway, back to the bike.. The sky was getting dark and I decided to end my journey. Stepped in the house, I grabbed a glass of water and sat for a while. At the stroke of 8, we all went to a restaurant and filled the 'tank' with nasi and lauk-pauk! Whoa.. The tom yam and ikan masak 3 rasa tasted.. umph! Gorgeous!

8.45 p.m! It's ManU vs Ars time! Whoa.. Lucky Ayah and I didn't miss the first half of the game as a big screen tv (channel 812) was availabled at that particular restaurant! The so-not-gorgeous-part was when that Nasri guy scored a GOAL for Arsenal! Oh.. man!

The kids (Abang, Kakdik, Adik, Azam, Azif and Aziz) were busy doing their shuffle dance by the corner while Ibu, Mama and Baba chit-chatted on our table. Ayah and I.. Hmm.. We stood in small corner just to watch the important match among the crowd.. Ugh.. After Arsenal scored one goal, we all headed to the car park and drove home.

At home, Ayah and I attacked the remote controller and pressed the buttons of 8 1 2!! Huhu.. Aww.. Here comes the not-gorgeous-at-all part when that same old Nasri dude scored another goal for Arsenal!! Ugh.. I felt like I wanna hit that Neville and Berbatov with a kuali! They played like girls.. Oh.. Lastly, (and fortunately..) Rafael contributed a goal.. And the match.. Went to Arsenal as the winner.. Oh.. ='(

Guess that was it.. From the gorgeous to, not-too-gorgeous to, not-gorgeous to, not-gorgeous-at-all things that I experienced on 9th Nov 2008..

Till then.. Enjoy doing your gorgeous things, you guys!

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