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Thursday, November 27, 2008


(Psst.. This 'kaki' is totally NOT mine! Hehe..)
I don't know why..
This week..
This past few days..
I'm not that 'okay' as usual..
I can't figure the reasons why..
It's just..
I'm so not myself..

Things around seems to make myself even worse..
I wish this 'pathetic-week' would end faster..
Then, I shall start a new week with a new me..
This 'blur-week' of mine..
Where it comes from?
I have no clue..
Can't get things straight in line..
Ugh, blur..
I wish this blur-mode will fade away..
Shooh.. Shooh..
Ehem.. Don't worry you guys.. I'm just a lil' bit blur here for nothing..
My 'head' masih okay lagi.. Tak terhantuk pun kat mana-mana dinding.. Hihi..
I just hate to love and love to hate this BLUR feeling.. That's all..
After drinking a glass of teh ais, I'll be just fine!
Haha.. So, don't be this blur, you guys! =p
All 'chikai' photos in this Blogxygen by: oxygen-me

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