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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Oxygenated Pictures

(*Tara..!) Hehe..
Greetings to all..

This time, I would like to share some of my photos. Huhu..

I took them by myself. (Eleh, guna camera CANON PowerShot A47o je!)

Takde pun rupa macam a pro photographer (*big smile) as long as the pics look OKAY.. Hehe..

Hmm.. Enough with the ramblings, enjoy the pics!

(Psst.. Any comments are most welcomed.. =p)

(Above) The night that we all went to the Dataran Merdeka. Saje je datang sana lepak2 and get some fresh air. Ugh.. In the meantime, I asked these 3 gentlemen to strike a pose! Hihihi..

(Above) Those pics were taken when I was at Penang and Johor last time. Huhu.. Actually, kan.. Kanak2 Ribena pun boleh snap photos macam ni! Hehe.. Pape pun, hope y'all enjoy the pics. And.. InsyaAllah, I'll post some more if my camera works well.. Hihi.. And oh.. If my Ibu and Ayah bawak kitorang pergi jalan2 lagi.. =p

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