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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Is Anchovy Related to Guitar?

Meet my then till now semi-acoustic guitar.

Is anchovy related to guitar? Hmm.. I doubt that fact and I bet you guys feel the same way too.. Huh? Anchovy? Guitar? Totally not in the same league, I guess.. Not at all.. I mean, for other people. But for me, it is! Anchovy is so much related to guitar. Why? Hmm.. Do I play the guitar and chew some fried anchovies at the same time? Or.. Do I use the anchovy to scent my guitar? Huhu.. And.. Maybe I pluck or strum the guitar strings by using a 3 cm long of fried anchovy? Hehe.. Luckily, it's none of them.. (*sigh)

It started when Ibu asked me to buy some anchovies, on this one sunny day. To be honest, it was so SUNNY or shall I say it was a HOT afternoon that required me to sit in front of the table fan most of the time! Ibu ran out of anchovy and whether I liked it or not, I had to buy some for her. Ugh.. I was so unhappy to do the task but her 'you'll-KENA-from-me-if-you-don't-go-to-the-kedai' look at that time forced me to.. Oh well.. What more can I say! I reluctantly went to the groceries (jalan kaki tau! Huhu..) to get the @#$% anchovy.. (Hey, I was so little at that moment and, was forced to shop for some anchovies! Pity, huh?)
When the sweaty me arrived at the kedai, I asked the apek to 'tapau' 200 gm of anchovy. He laughed for a few seconds when I said that and I didn't know why was he laughing! Ee.. I had no time for thatlah, pek.. He was mumbling something to me but I heard him nothing as I was kinda busy fanning my wet neck. I just said a word 'Okaylah!' to him and I paid RM1.45. Without checking the anchovy, I walked home selambe-mambe..

I passed the packet of anchovy to Ibu and she took her nose closer to it. After a double sniffs, she gave me a 'you-are-so-gonna-get-from-me-kaw2' look! I felt weird and naively replied her look just now with a 'blur-plus-an-Uh..oh-sigh'..

Again.. Hmm.. Again.. Again.. Aww..

I had to send back the smelly+expired anchovy to that Apek! Oh man.. A sweatier me, again asked that Apek to change to a new packet of anchovy. Again, he laughed at me. And I still can't figure the reasons why. Again, while waiting for that Apek to 'tapau' the new and 'Calvin Klein perfumed' anchovy, (Hehe.. Perhaps?) I fanned myself with my right hand. He came back with a new packet of fresh anchovy (Unfortunately, it's not scented with Calvin Klein's perfume! Haha..) and said this to me..

"I've warned you earlier about the anchovy during your first 'visit' and you replied me an 'OKAYLAH'. I thought you were okay with the expired anchovy." (He laughed. Again..)

My reaction at that time was like, 'Huh?-Really arr?'.. Huhu.. Malunya! Finally, that Apek treated me a stick of Paddle Pop Rainbow ice-cream. Yay3! Thank you, Apek!

On my way back, I ate the ice-cream happily and suddenly the plastic which I was holding fell on the ground. Uh oh.. Lucky me! The anchovy was in a good condition. I mean, safely stuffed in the other plastic.. Fuh..

Still wondering the relationship between the anchovy and guitar, you guys?

Hehe.. back to the anchovy. As I was collecting the packet, I saw something on the tarred path. It was a small, yellowish kinda object. But, I was attracted to it and decided to make it mine. Well, it wasn't that valuable for someone who lost it, I guess..

Ibu was pleased with the brand new anchovy. (Argh.. What a relief! Woohoo!) I entered my room and sat on my bed. Still wondering the functions of the object that I found just now. Hmm.. I took it out from my pocket and showed it to Ayah. Asked him 'ape-bende-ni?' and he simply answered 'a-pick'. I was like.. 'Huh? A-pig?!'. He smiled and said 'Nolah!-It's-a-guitar-pick'.

Ayah took a glance at that object and explained more about it to me. A 'Plectrum' or a 'Pick'.. Oh..

I fell in love with an instrument called GUITAR since then.. I was in Standard 6 at that time and I started to join Ayah's crazy jazzy music since that day. Guitar players like Earl Klugh, Eric Clapton, Larry Carlton and many more became my favourite musicians..

Huhu.. Still, I still stick to the fact that anchovy is related to guitar. Hehe.. The fact that I discovered myself when I was 12. My first acoustic guitar was not a branded type of guitar. Ayah's friend gave him a red-coloured guitar before he moved. Hoho.. Speaking of perfect-timing! I needed a guitar so much at that time and suddenly I got one for FREE! Yeehaa!

I tried to learn the chords by starting with the simple ones. Oh.. It was so so hard than I thought! My left fingertips were swollen and sore most of the time. I gave up.. =(

The guitar was left alone in its fabric carrier for years since then.. And two years after that, during school holidays, I finally touched the thing. It happened in my room during a rainy day as I was bored to death and got nothing to do. I picked it up and strummed the strings. Then, slowly learned the chords according to 'Handbook of Guitar Chords' alone.

My 1st guitar sifu would be Ayah. He didn't teach me that much as he preferred me to learn the instrument independently. Why? He said that his late father who happened to be my late grandfather taught him the same way. Independent.. Hmm.. Okay.. But, he did show me some of his 'old-school' skills as a supplement lesson. Huhu.. Ayah was actually a bass-guitar, acoustic guitar and classical guitar expert player! Whew.. I didn't know that till now..

My 2nd sifu is my cousin brother. He is 4 years older than me. He helped me a lot including teaching me some songs which required some simple chords too.. As a novice, the simpler the chords, the happier I'll be! Huhu.. Mucho gracias to him as he is/was a good teacher. He taught this 'kayu-fingers-person' with lots and lots of patience. (Appreciate that, Abang Mamat!)

It has been nearly 6 years since that anchovy incident which accidentally turned me into a not-that-good-guitar-player now. Still learning and always will just to improve my playing, strumming, tabbing, and plucking skills. That anchovies has brought me into something that I'm addicted to do daily (playing the guitar). Now, I'm a huge fan of Marie Digby, Corinne Bailey Rae, Colbie Caillat, Jason Mraz and many more as they are so great in playing guitars!

So, is anchovy related to guitar?


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