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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

After Years..

Last Saturday..
After years since we left Klang, the place that we used to live at for a couple of years, we came back. Refreshing the good old times that we had. Haha.. No place to go so we decided to enjoy the breeze at the famous Port Klang.. Err.. Famous ke? =p
Anyway.. We were all having fun eventhough that the small droplets of rain had been poured by the blue sky.. Eceh.. Not trying to be jiwang bawang like William Shakespeare here but, yeah.. I had fun.. Seeing the sky, boats, birds and ehem2.. dogs, sometimes can be fun too.. Hehe..
On the jety, Abang, Kakdik, Adik and I licked our Magnum ice-cream happily.. Weehaa.. Lama jugak kami tak 'bedal' ice-cream tuh.. Huhu.. Syok!
Due to the busy environment plus rain, I can't snap photos as much as I wanted.. Alahai.. Takut2 karang free je camera ni swim kat dalam air laut tu! Wahaha.. Naya je.. The pictures posted below adalah antara pics yang sempat diambil.. Tak banyak.. Chikai je tuh.. Hehe.. Anyway, macam biasa before I end my post, enjoy doing your things, you guys! =p

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