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Thursday, December 25, 2008


I would like to dedicate this X'mas post to..
  • My ex-teachers, Sir Abraham Joseph and Puan Usha
  • Aunty Jescinta and family
  • Richard, the Liverpool supporter. Ceh..
  • My ah moi friends, Susu, Venise, Rebecca, Olivia, Sylvia
  • All Vive students who's celebrating X'mas (ramai sangat kalau nak list down pun!)
  • A blogger friend of mine, Mr. Branson
  • Santa Claus (Hehe..)
  • Manchester United players (Huhu..!)
  • Last but not least, my boyfriend Mr. Potter yang ada kat London tu! =p

    MERRY X'MAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR, you guys! Especially to those who's in the list above! Hihi.. Teh ais as a X'mas present from me, okay eh? Nanti I suruh mamak tu buat special delivery! Huhu.. =p

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