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Monday, December 22, 2008


Glory.. Glory..
Victory.. Victory..
The champion of England..
The champion of Europe..
The champion of the FIFA Club World Cup..
Owner of these 3 titles..
The one and foremost..
FIFA Club World Cup match between ManU vs LDU Quito just over.. Huhu.. What a GAME! Awesome one winning goal contributed by Wayne Rooney.. Weehaa! Can't stop smiling till now.. I'm so excited overboard! Hehe..

Eventhough Vidic, the 'gold' headed defender had been given a red card in the middle of the game, err.. Takpe2.. Lantak pi lah.. Hehe.. Yang penting menang! Siapa suruh dia siku mamat tu.. Adoi.. Anyway, as the captain of the day, Ferdinand.. Jom! I belanja teh ais! Haha.. As for the rest of the players.. Park, Evra, Rafael, Carrick, Ronaldo, Tevez, Anderson and the most important goalie, Van Der Sar.. Aha! Jom.. I belanja teh ais jugak.. Haha..

As a result, Gamba Osaka went 3rd place while LDU Quito grabbed the 2nd place of the FIFA Club World Cup.. Then, jeng3.. ManU lah yang bawak balik the shining cup! Haha.. The best team tuh! Rooney siap 'tapau' kereta Toyota sebiji + a gold trophy! Adoi.. Jealous gila nih! Hehe..
Conclusion: The victory is ours! Ehem.. ManU team + fans lah, kan? Haha.. Jom celebrate! Mamak, teh ais 3!! =p

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