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Sunday, December 7, 2008


Salam all..
Just finished watching ManU vs Sunderland..

And I can't stop smiling! Yeehaa.. Feel like I wanna jump and jump all day long!

Wahaha.. Lunatic, kan budak ni? Huhu..
The main reason that I wanna jump and can't stop smiling till now is..
Manchester United won! Woohoo!
ManU 1 - Sunderland 0
Kuang3.. Thanks a lot to Vidic!
Sorry for being like this.. Heh..
Can't resist myself from this 'crazy' feeling everytime ManU wins!
Alaa.. Macamlah I turun padang sekali and scored the goal, kan? Eee.. =p
But, I did my part by jumping over the sofa, biting my fingers, shouting and mumbling in front of the tv! Hehe.. Seriously, I don't wanna describe the way I watch every game.. Haha.. BURUK!
It's all about Manchester United! Glad that they won tonight.. Huhu.. Sunderland, balik nanti beli tisu banyak2, okay! Hihi.. Jahat! =p
Many congrats to Ayah, En. Kamal and me! Tak rugi kita berjaga and buat havoc di pagi2 buta! Hehe..



  1. yeszaa...
    glory2 man utdd..

    tp lately nih, game man u agak slow aa..
    xserancak cm dlu...

    anyway, man u rawkss... ;)

  2. Haha.. Mr. Radin.. Glory to ManU! Yeehaa!

    Yeah, I guess you're right on that.. Lately nih, they all main macam girls.. Hihi.. Tak baik! Anyway, they rock! Huhu..

    P/s.. Thanks for the visit to my chikai' blog!


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