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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Argh! Tension!

Just wanna say..

How dissapointed I am right now!

Huhu.. Just finished watching the 'crazy' match..

Manchester United Vs Aalborg

Result of the match (that gave me an instant migrain! Hehe..) is DRAW!

Both scored 2 for their clubs respectively..

ManU's scorers:


Aalborg's scorers (kebetulan je tu! Hehe.. Jahat!):


Argh.. Tension!

P/s - Rasa nak sekeh2 je budak2 ManU tuh! Hahaha.. Sorry for being this 'kurang-siuman-di-pagi-hari', you guys.. Perkara biasa.. Haha.. Seorang fan yang bengang bila team dia tak menang.. ='( Sure esok pagi tadi selera nak makan! Huahua.. Taklah.. Selera je.. =D

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